Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of the biggest pleasures of blogging is connecting with people you would have never met before. People who only know the face you choose to present to the world can keep you buoyant with their comments. And pleasantly happy with a feeling of having acquired many friends.

Meeting up is a greater pleasure. New relationships are always so interesting.

This month I met three of our bloggers. Raji, at her beautifully preserved Chennai home. She is beautifully preserved too:-) And wonderful Maiji who is an example of life live to the full.

Yesterday, was GVK and his wonderfully empathetic wife. A few more friends came over to meet them and we really had a good time chatting. May it happen more often.

Unfortunately, the pic is too dark. But you can see GVK making an emphatic point.


Indrani said...

Major blogger's meet happening, Kalyani!
Am I envious? ;)

kallu said...

Indrani, first one needs the thought to meet up and then the will and logistics.

But if we did have a meet of all or most of our bloggers wouldnt that be wonderful?
GVK was talking about it but everyone has to want it to happen, he said.

Indrani said...

You can count me in. Any day in Bangalore, other cities may be a month's planning. :)


Thanks for the nice comments about us - it gave us great pleasure to have you here. Thanks for taking the trouble to come. And as for bloggers meet, what a wonderful idea.

Well preserved ? Am I a jar of pickles then? :)

Maiji said...

Thanks, Kalyani, for your kind remarks. It was nice meeting you again.

kallu said...

Indrani, if its in Bangalore, then you will have to do the planning :-)But yes, we will need to plan ahead at least a month for people to make themselves free.
If more people feel like it, it can happen

kallu said...

Raji :
spicy and tasty
even a little bit goes a long way to perk you up
always welcome
perfect accompaniment to anything.
Different flavors
Red hot and draws the eye
Im talking about pickles
...and you:-)
We should call on Brenda for a better description :-)

kallu said...

Thanks Maiji. Wonderful to meet you and know you.

Maddy said...

ah - that must have been nice, the bloggers meet. hopefully i can also meet y'all someday!!

kallu said...

Maddy sometime yes, tell us when you are going to be here - GVK is very keen to organise a meet

Happy Kitten said...

Have been away from this side of the blogosphere for a while and found that I am missing a lot...think I will not find time like before... but I envy you bloggers for having got together and my best wishes for the bloggers meet of my favourite bloggers...

Anonymous said...

Sure this is one aspect that has kept me blogging.

Regarding get-togethers, I think we all should try to do that in our own small way at a convenient time and location, rather aim at having a huge gathering... Happy that you could make it...