Friday, November 14, 2008

Don't even Try

Today has been one of those days when things don't work at all. Last night, I had a schedule of things I must do today. But somehow, this morning I was loath to start out. Puttered around the house doing nothing much and by afternoon gave myself a pep talk and left the house.
Well, nothing really worked out. I visited a friend to lift my spirits up but found myself really inattentive. Asked her for a cup of coffee, and left to go to the supermarket. That Job couldn't go wrong.
Reaching home, I find that I've left the bags back at the Supermarket.

Some days, one should just go with the flow. Stay in bed and do nothing. Its easier all around.


Devika said...

I can't seem to do that even!! ;-)

Nice post!


kallu said...

Thanks Devika.Good to know that someone else too has the blues sometimes.