Saturday, November 15, 2008

Vaarnam Aayiram

I've just been to see the much hyped, awaited and thought about vaarnam aayiram. To the well expressed disapproval and envy of my daughters. Probably my nieces too if I had announced it before.
Since the hero is Surya, still the heart throb of thousands of young Tamils. Not to be displaced by Karthik or Nakul... The average age at the theatre was 22, and that high figure was due to the presence of half a dozen middle aged ladies.

The movie began with a display of 'high energy' as the TV shows like to say from the audience. My friends glared at me for dragging them out to a movie on the second day of release. I slunk into my seat after due apologies, barely heard amid the cat calls and whistling.

And there I stayed. No edge of the seat action appeared till the interval. And that was a long time coming. The end was even more way off.

Sorry to say, ladies and gentlemen, this movie seems very very long. Though each scene has been carefully thought out for visual effects and most scenes are visually appealing, Goutham Menon seems to be more of an ad maker rather than a storyteller. After the movie is over, one is left wondering, where was the story? what was the point? One doesn't really empathize with any of the characters. None of them get under your skin or to your heart. You don't go home and recall which one does with any movie of impact.

Goutham Menon has paid a tribute to his father. Father is loving, wonderful and there for his son. Not so for his daughter, by the looks of it. She never gets married nor does anyone worry about her. Menon could have used an older actor as the father instead of using an unbelievable Surya. Surya does wonders with his body language as an old man but still you can see the young man beyond. The character never becomes real. Maybe this is because how kids see parents- not really as people but only in relation to themselves.

Older Surya romancing Simran in the 70's is a wonderful indulgence with hair in bouffant style, flower behind the ear and 70's dance moves. But has been done before.
Simran does look the part of beautiful MOM.

When young Surya falls in love at first sight, the effervescence is dazzling and his romance with the beautiful Sameera Reddy is cute but not entrancing. Of course the songs are very listenable.

Later second string Divya Spandana was a surprise. But we watched with special interest as she was Darshini's classmate and Ootyite for 10 years.

There are army vs terrorist scenes. Why one can't figure out. Because the hero has to do something or Surya has to look emaciated and gaunt in various guises. And then work to display six-pack abs as an army Major. Surya has worked on his body both to get thin as a young college student and then to become a muscle man. May inspire disapointed-in-love young men to grow other things than beards.

There are so many commendable parts to the movie. The drug habit is portrayed so well. The strong love within the family comes across. Entertaining moments in their lives. Lots of hard work in camera and thought. But it doesn't really add up to an. entertaining movie.



What a shame - and after all that hype.

I do agree with your view about the same actor being used for both young and old roles. Why couldn't the director have used Surya's real life dad Sivakumar! What a scoop it would have been. And he still looks young enough to do his younger days role.

Maddy said...

i was looking forward to seeing this - now i guess it is on the backburner..

after gajini surya has been a favorite even though he took away jyothika!!

kallu said...

I have to say that Gen Next doesn't agree with me. So don't go by my view, Maddy. Enjoy it .
Maybe as a father of a son, you will find the story line interesting.
You could get over Jyothika and appreciate Sameera Reddy who is something.:-))

kallu said...

Raji, Sivakumar seems to be only on the small screen. But he would have fit this role very well.
Waiting for your post on M.N. Nambiar.

Maddy said...

saw it yesterday and yes, i liked it though the older surya could have been sivakumar himself..reddy was so so, but on the whole the movie was lighter than expected.

kallu said...

Im learning that reactions to movies are so personal - it really depends on who you are - your age, sex, environment and your frame of mind at that point.
I saw 'abhiyum naanum' and it left me cold. But there is so much positive reaction to it - on tv.
Reading a wonderful book -Where the rain is Born ' writings about Kerala by some of our best writers. Maddy, you definitely have to read this.