Sunday, November 16, 2008

What ? You! It can't be :-(((

After watching a hotshot movie on the second day after release, I'm enjoying the reactions to this little piece of action much more than the movie.

I guess the reactions take on colour only in the light of the background. Which has been rather bleak, living in a 'C' grade mofussil town for many years. Good movies came to town about 6 months or 1 year after release and disappeared before we even knew they had 'hit' town , rather weakly. Even then, theatre going was an event that happened maybe, once a year. Became much less after TV channels recycled every movie you'd never heard of. But, now even Ooty finds a place in a flat world .

And it happened because women in their prime have got over this 'I-have-to-go-with-my-husband" nonsense.

Doc: " What, you never told me? "
(I do go to a hundred places and tell him later, but obviously movies fall in a special category)

Kapu: "What was the occasion? No bday , women's day..then why did you go?"
( I can hear her thinking, jobless women - sheer jealousy)

Darshini : "I must see if its running in a theatre in Bombay".
Me: "Don't waste 100 or 200 rupees on it."
( the last falls on deaf ears).

Sajid : "its okay if its not too good. you did it ,no."
( just doing it and ahead of the pack is the point )

Harini : "Oh, why did my Dad put me in this forsaken college. He's so bad".
( movies rate far above life plans )

Sindhu: " Why is life like this? You don't even know who is acting in it You can't even appreciate it. And you get to see it in a theatre. In Ooty!
And with all the aunties!! And I have to download it and see it on my laptop. Oh God.Why is life so unfair?"

I am sitting back and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Have to go and make some calls. Didnt know it was so easy to stir up the green eyed monster.


Devika said...

Life is fair or unfair, the way we see it..Kallu, no?

the post has stuff to think...
Nice one,



Great action! Satisfying reaction! Way to go , Kalyani.

Gardenia said...

This takes me back to childhood days when I'd watch a movie in the hall and replay every scene in my head before falling asleep at night - double mazaa! Now a TV movie is the only thing that is guaranteed to make me sleep!

kallu said...

Thanks Devika for finding something praiseworthy in an unremarkable post.

kallu said...

Raji, you re getting wittier:-)

kallu said...

Gowri, guess that is the creative part of you - reliving Art. Your stories are enough to prove your creative skills

Devika said...

Hi Kallu!

Unremarkable post..
i never felt for this one..

the previous --may be yes :)
but that too wasn't unremarkable..


kallu said...

HI Devika

Good you feel you can be frank.

Im slightly sorry that you felt a bit bored but not too much. Because this is a very personal blog. And its about what is happening in my life of which family is a great part.

If I were writing a column somewhere, then I would have to think of what would interest a lot of other people.

But this is a personal thing and its upto people to read it or not.
And then comment if it touches them, which might not happen a great deal of the time.

When people do, its good. When they dont, its okay too.

It keeps me going.

As I hope your blog does for you