Monday, November 24, 2008

The Team

Yday evening I thought I would rope in my 'A" group of students to help me stick labels in the books donated by various people. I thought I wouldn't be chauvinistic and get the boys in too. ( mistake)

It all started off in a very organized way with sets of books, newspapers, paste , cloth and space for each child.

But as the evening wore on, everything changed. I was kept very very busy responding to requests - where do i stick this; he's taken my books; give me some more.. and so on..normal where you have a bunch of kids.

In spite of labels stuck upside down, pages stuck together, all my careful classification of books, the room becoming a terrific mess and total exhaustion, I went to bed rather pleased. Because they did read the books inbetween and asked questions ( is this a volcano) and that is the ultimate aim.



Wah wah! A great start!
And hats off for roping the youngsters in to do some work and thus bringing them together.

Indrani said...

Great Kalyani! Nice way to spend time. I am sure the children have benefited a lot.

Devika said...

If they read, that's all about books and library...:)

Nice to see those pictures, Kallu..


Maddy said...

they look busy at work - attagirl way to go!!!

Swarna said...

Good work, and may the children never tire of reading.

kallu said...

Thanks Raji, Indrani, Devika, Maddy and Swarna . You keep me going

Gardenia said...

Ha, ha, I love the way you say it was mistake to get the boys!!!