Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Women and Letting Go

Im just back from a long break away from home. Away from immediate family too. It was great.

I met an old school friend, Shanthi after many many years.

What I see in these pictures is that we both look so happy. Not only to meet. But to be away from it all.

Shanthi was revelling in coming back home (she lives in America) alone and not having to go sightseeing, explain Indian bathrooms and weird behavior of people here to her kids; not have her husband hustle her all the time. She could visit her friends, take off wherever she wanted to and generally be herself.

I was staying with my sister in a hassle free, men free household. We cooked skimpily, talked when we wanted to and did whatever we wanted to alone or together. No onus to behave or entertain. I could help out or not with any chores. A very undemanding atmosphere.

Women should really get away from routines occasionally with each other.


Swarna said...

Perfect holiday, eh?
Happiness always, Kalyani!

Devika said...

I do this quite a few times in a year :-)

earlier it used to months --2 or 3..its fun; but these days i feel like getting back to him the earliest...the psyche of older couples?? ;-)

Good to see you and your friend lviing life at your pace..:-)


ps: seen the comments--thank you so much for reading and commenting... i am on a complete break from my blogs..seemingly should resume, when i'll publish and respond...

Indrani said...

Glad you had a great time. :)

Kat said...

probably the men were celebrating at their end - womenfolks free households

kallu said...

Thanks Swarna. And Indrani too.

kallu said...

Devika maybe. Great you are able to get away for months :-)
Getting away from blogs and browsing too is therapy .
I think we should break from routine as much as we can.
best wishes to you

kallu said...

Kat, if only. :-) Im sure a lot of women would be happier if that were true.

Devika said...

i could do it even now; he's that understanding a husband...but then, you know ..;-)

blogging -- i do not know, how long will i be able to set aside a thing that has become a part of me...writing in journals is happening...but that doesn't gain me the fun that i was having earlier :-)

so could be back anytime...and i think now I feel the lightness to roam arund my corridor..without throwing cats around..get something? ask kat..or read his comment page for his latest post...

i feel much much relieved today..infact totally relieved to take my second plunge into blogging...but may be i'll have a break for some more 'uncertain' time...

see again,

Kat said...

This poem is to cheer up womenfolks:


and this men?


Devika said...

Hi Kallu,
message to Kat..

thank you Kat, infact both cheered me...what do we call men, Kallu??


see again



Kalyani, I love your style, and the dry honest wit that is part of it.
Now how many of us would frankly say what a relief it is to get away from the husband and children.

Kat's view presents the other side, too!

kallu said...

Kat, the rhymes cheered me up and obviously Devika too.
Your ability to archive and come up with the right things at the right time is astounding.
Thanks for taking the trouble.
I guess men too love taking off by themselves.

kallu said...

Raji, It seems such an universal thought that we have to admit it.
And accept it.
We can't live by the sati-savithri image always. Such a burden.
Thanks for all those kind words.:-)))

Gardenia said...

Bravo! I go with this 'no men, no kids' thing 100%. Congratulations to you and your friend, Kalyani!