Monday, August 17, 2009

Lessons From Living - People Savvy

Getting along with the people we share this planet with

Be nice – Ravi (45)

Treat others the way you want others to treat you –PC (55)

A simple smile works wonders though its your enemy.
Accept the people the way they are and not for the way you want them to be.
You are never right always to comment and judge other people _ Haru (20)

Love your enemies – Janet, (49)

Don’t open your mouth in the wrong place. Someimes, its better not to show you know something even when you do –Girija (35)

One thing I learnt however is to keep my mouth firmly shut when others are voicing their opinions about things and people close to them. You are damned if you agree and damned if you don't !!!! Raji Muthukrishnan (62)

To keep smiling always. To take things light. And to shut my big mouth though I feel am right. Gitanjali (25 and newly married)

I leant not to cheat anybody – not to believe anybody – enjoy a little without crossing any limits- believe in gods, -there is nothing in the world without them- whatever you do- keep in your mind that everybody are watching- us.
Forget the past try to be the best in the present –
Take life as your challenge –and reach your destiny – Girija

'no matter what its the skill or knowledge one has speaks' –Rajesh ramanujam (35)

Listen to your elders – swarna (32)

When in one trouble one approaches the person with willingness and the ability to solve your problems –
I realize that when people come to you in trouble, all they want most of the time is a listening ear.
BJ Krishnan (63)

The one lesson that I have learned and have realized is that balance is the essence of life. Too much of anything, including good things like being too nice is harmful :).
Oswin Samuel (25)

Real everyday stuff that works –
Getting up earlier than your family so you have time for yourself is a great start
An early morning walk in fresh air even if its only 5 min to get the milk is a great start to the day -kapu
When you are really desperate; turn to your family even its only to fill up lifebuoy questionnaires -sind
No matter how bad the situation, Happiness is just a bar of chocolate away –Dachu (25)
80% of the work is done by 20% of members in a team- sindhu (22)


Anonymous said...

Nice series. I will share this with my children.

kallu said...

Thank you. Please do add your thoughts

Dreamer said...

Getting up earlier than your family so you have time for yourself is a great start - That really works. Thanks for so sharing so many lovely thoughts.

Indrani said...

I missed out being at your blog.
Looks like now you are on a holiday. :)
Have a great time!

kallu said...

Indrani, you've been having a great holiday. I've been on a mental one. Just a break