Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lessons From Living -III

Qualities that help along the way!

To achieve our greatest part of endurance is "COURAGE" –Aristotle –contributed by Kumari (44)


Gain or learn by experience –Goutham
It is always better to make life simple and uncomplicated as possible. –Anita N(40)
Attitude and individuality matters a lot. - Haru

Money is the deciding factor. Better to realize it late than never –Anandhi (45)

Lost opportunities in money making deals are my only regrets – so don’t be afraid to take risks – Ramesh (45)

Must say that the best thing I have learnt would be that I am going to lose as much as I can win, so I take both as well - however, I hate not having competed - so, try and compete - win or lose is not that big a deal ! – vijaykanth (53)

Get to the bottom of the problem" - be it professional, personal, national... - mahendran (49)

Expectations hurts. (ouch! That hurts)

Be sure there is a problem in the first place before working hard to solve one – Newton (49)

Work substitute for hard work ..Sheela (45)

The big results can be achieved by altering the small things – Babu (29)

To accept changes and to be a lot more humane –Geetha (45)

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