Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lessons from Living!! -II

Happy people about happiness! – The (B)Right Attitude

`Always look on the bright side of life ... Babu (age 50)

Anything may happen anytime.. people will change … so enjoy life.. dont take things seriously why kavalai??? – Sajit (age 15)

Happiness lies in what you have got. And not in what you feel have lost. –Kalai (50)

Be happy with what you have while striving for better things-Kapu (43)

That every day is better than the rest – Banu (49)

Do what you deem right within the bounds of reason – Jyothi (25)

live life to the fullest and for the moment only. –Sastha Prakash (30)

Highly philosophical

In life nothing is permanent. so making far fetched plans ahead can be redundant sometimes. Life itself is only a phase that we pass through so as long as we at are it, I believe we live righteously.
In short love and be loved. Goutham (48)

We always searching for something in our life which exists and not exists but need to have space for everyone and everything in our life.- damu (35)

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