Friday, November 13, 2009

Zapping the Gap

Once you stop writing; it’s difficult to start writing again. You wonder why you should.
But maybe it’s a habit that doesn’t let go off you so easily.

So here I am again.

Woken up by the torrential rain and wind that hit us in the Nilgiris, so hard. Leaving so much devastation. I took my camera to take some pictures but somehow it didn’t work. Probably it meant that we shouldn’t be getting voyeuristic pleasure out of other people’s distress.

But people were anxious to show how much they’d suffered. .Cracks in the walls, roofs, broken walls, damaged floors, mud hanging over on the pitch of the roof,.
Hoping that we’d help in some way .The pathos of a new house for a new young couple with just a window frame left standing over the rubble; the roof blown away.

After a while, you are not absorbing anymore of the sad scenes because life is going on around you .
Five small kids sitting around a carom board in the watery sunshine on a ledge above a road half covered with mud and stones.
That picture stayed with me and helped obliterate the others a bit.


Happy Kitten said...

Watched the scenes of devastation on the TV..

is this the first time in such a scale for the Nilgiris?

kallu said...

About 15 years ago, when two busloads of people disappeared in a landslide but that was on the road upto Ooty.

Ten years before that, a major flood in Ooty, after wchih a canal was built
But now, i guess, with global warming and climate change, nothing is predictable climate wise.
Things are getting better and I hope things are going well with you. Its nice to know people who are concerned about people far away.