Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oldies but Goldies

The Vintage Car Rally marks the end of the 'Season' at Ooty. We do have a month long program of events which include a Boat Regatta, Dance and Music, Photographic Shows and other events which are never well publicized; which means besides the organizers and participants, very few people attend any of these programs.

The popular events are the Flower Show, the Dog Shows and the Races. These are held during the weekends when the locals don't go out if they can help it because traffic and crowds become so horrendous.

But the Car Rally was something I had to go to, because my friend Geetha was exhibiting her Morris 8 of 1947. She'd spent the last few months getting it painted and polished and reupholstered. Geeth said there was not one bit of rust on the 60 year old car.
I know the great amount of effort she puts into sourcing original parts. And she was rewarded this year with a prize for Best-Original Car.

Grand old ladies get a day out!

This year included an exhibition of old scooters and bikes too.
The car fanatic is a special breed. And these hobbyists certainly find a reason for living. For them , this was a great day displaying their beauties and hob nobbling with people who prize their cars above money.



Great that your friend won the prize.
Ooty still has an old world charm with its activities like regatta and car rallies and dog shows.

Indrani said...

Oh! How I wish I was there too to photograph it.

kallu said...

Yes, Raji. Ooty does have a lot of charm - some of it old world which people kind of like - but people like comfort a lot too - and lots of activity!

Indrani, it did need a great photographer. Maybe you could plan a trip next summer?

Maddy said...

still remember my prof's morris minor...

it's fun to have these kind of cars...there are some days here when these enthusiasts here set out on vintage cars and bikes on the California highways and we all honk as we pass them, in appreciation..

kallu said...

That's a nice gesture Maddy. To have a hobby, one should have a different kind of mindset?