Saturday, May 30, 2009

Way Down Upon the Backwaters

Last weekend was our short getaway-from-Ooty trip to Aleppey, sailing down the backwaters. Initially, meant to be for four of us, in the Velcro-effect in our family, numbers grew and grew till we were 12 and we had to hire another boat.
After the efforts of organizing the trip and coordinating everyone's schedules and travelling the 300 km from Coimbatore to Allepey besides babysitting 8mth old to 80 year old father, it was bliss to get on the boat and just be.

Im just putting in pics in the hope they say it all.

My niece Gigi with her son . Rebel-teen nephew Sajit, happy to be away from parents. And EAT all day!
Sindhu and my niece, Haru. Happy to be away from college.

Junior nephew Sanjay - his parents were the trial- constantly calling to find out how he was. Blisffuly, signals became very weak.

More people on the other boat. Cousins displaying unseemly 'Titanic' spirits; to the horror of their kids.

The very comfortable deck.

Meals are provided. You don't have a choice of menus. You don't have 'something to see'. Just drift down and sleep and eat. Heavenly holiday.



Really, Kallu - a get away from Ooty, the queen of holiday spots in the summer??!!!

I agree totally with your last sentence - to be free of any compulsion to 'do' or 'see' that is the ultimate holiday.

Indrani said...

Great family outing! I love such moments.
Last two months was maddening, with vacations and kids at home, no time for self. Sorry coudn't be a regular here. Great blog site now. :)

kallu said...

Raji, summer is when everyone is here.. so I need a break from cooking sometimes however much I like having people here.:-0
So, nothing to do was the best thing about it all. Shepherding all those kids in and out of monuments would have holiday at all!

kallu said...

Thanks Indrani. Kind of was the same here ..Im sure many mothers are saying thank god, schools are open.
Ooty people tend to say thank god the season is over.

Maddy said...

happy to hear you enjoyed it, i have never experienced it...i.e boating 'aimlessly' down the backwaters of aleppey though i have traveled on those waters with a purpose on the KSRTC boats

kallu said...

Try it next time you are down here. It seems very popular with people from developed countries with stressed out life styles.:-)