Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being Grateful

Come the monsoon, Im made aware of the basics -water, gas,power and telephone and being grateful for them. We've just come through 24 hours without power and life is pretty quiet without light and warmth and song. Sometimes we live a week without and making do and good cheer are stretched very thin :-)

My basics are probably luxuries for many. And maybe this happens to remind me not to take anything for granted. Or get too attached.

One picture that does haunt me is Saddam Hussein's last bunker. A man who lived in grand palaces with halls as large as football grounds reduced to a hole in the ground. How easily life changes circumstances.
An earthquake or cyclone or a tsunami can change it for ordinary people; it doesn't have to be political upheavals.

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Too true - what we take for granted can be taken away so swiftly.