Saturday, July 26, 2008

Maslow's Hierarchy and Wants

What women want.

At level 1 are women who just want to be married - and for various reasons its just not happening
At level 2 are women who want a stable husband, who doesn't drink or beat her too much.
At level 3 are the women who long for a little house, money to run the household and educate the children and buy a simple chain or earring.
At the top, we have the women who long for companionship and understanding and shared interests and loving care.

In between are women who ask for children, great career, health, loving relationships, more material things .....

Whatever we have, our wants are in a rung above. Isnt this just part of being human?


Maddy said...

If you really get the gist of Maslow's theory....the hierarchy of needs varies time to time.

As you are talking about women here

May be social needs when going for a wedding( to wear a new dress,jewel etc)

Psychological needs- When feeling down

Self esteem needs- When wanting to achieve something or to get appreciation for whatever she does.

So as you said, its just part of being human

kallu said...

Arra guraia class le gavanichu and then arra guraia exam ku pacdichhu elithuna, ippadi thaan.
will take your word for it, Maddy,

Our needs to seem to keep changing and growing as each one is fulfilled.
And so many- social, self esteem.. i was thinking at a rather basic level.