Saturday, March 8, 2008

Women's Day -We have come a long way Baby

I thought Women's Day had gone by y'day without me even noticing it. Till Anandhi called in high spirits to ask how I was celebrating it.She had big plans since 3 of the kids were there, to go the beach and dinner with a few more friends. This year, no one seems to want to hear my words of wisdom ;-())

I did get quite a few messages about Shakthi etc so it couldn't have gone by quietly. besides a lot of programs on TV.But, I notice the Western channels are not really talking about this day. Maybe we Indians just need a reason to celebrate or we get only movie channels.

And I don't see anything wrong in celebrating. Glorious womanhood, or our emancipation on paper or the eternal fight to assert ourselves. A day just for us is not too bad. And the Shivsena is not objecting.So why not some fun and frolic whatever the excuse.

1857 is supposed to have been when it originated. The fight for equal labour laws and other laws. A mutiny that began with the Sepoy Mutiny?

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Pradeep said...

Hi Kalyani,

Thanks for visiting my blog and jotting down the comments, and for those kind words.

Indeed I am one of those sensitive guys. I think a number of women are victimed for no fault of theirs, or rather the only fault of being a woman. And, the discrimination begins right at home, and sadly with parents, very educated parents at that..