Saturday, March 8, 2008

She did it With Mirrors

I've been getting so much flak from the rest of the family about the awfully long time its taken to get the house painted - that I have had to show them why. Or at least what. And grin and take it.

So I thought I might put the pictures here too. One monsoon and one dog and one year later, its all going to be quite different. So this is a way to remember how it was.

I admit freely to being adventurous. And slightly mad. So feel free to think and say what you like. You can't be too bad after my family :-))))

Nothing is as good or as bad as the pics



Very, very bold and adventurous!
Your house and interiors look stunning.

Happy Kitten said...


beautiful.. can we pass by on our next trip to Ooty?

Maddy said...

definitely nice...enjoy the new ambience....

kallu said...

Thanks Raji, Happy Kitten and Maddy.
Of course you are welcome to drop in whenever .And yes, I am enjoying it all although it feels a bit new.

aalok said...

amazing is the word for the colours!!!

- Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered and no one was there.

kallu said...

Aalok, I hope its positively amazing:-))))

Like your signature quote.

Anonymous said...

Aunty , My name is Anu , I am Priya n Prashanth's friend. Just came back to your blog to check out yr home pics .. i remember seeing it earlier .. could plz send them to me if u dont mind? my email id is