Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tilled Earth

Tilled Earth by Manjushree Thapa is a collection of not just stories - but notes too about Nepal.
About a spectrum of subjects. From the Buddha to a delicate story about a woman cowherd battling for justice and her hard life. There are quite a few about love- a student falling in love, the throes of passion leading to marriage which becomes a mistake, a foreigner trekking in Nepal, a sojourn in Paris with a college friend that turns rather disappointing.

Good reading.

'And actually I do not want him, what I want is to be like him. I want the gall, the gumption- for that is what it takes- to ask people I do not know if I may come into their lives, without fearing that they might hurt me, I want to know ,truly know, others, reach out to people who would otherwise just come and go, passing through my life as strangers. '

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