Saturday, September 1, 2007

Old Friends

More than three decades ago, we were connected - at school. We lost touch- and how much! Maybe we met on a couple of occasions for a couple of hours.
But we decided to go ahead and meet- full scale- spending 2 days together. A risk in any company :-)
But what a great time we had. Like Meena says, some of the best days of our lives.
We talked non stop. Mostly about ourselves and our lives and families. There was absolutely no question of what the other two would think of me. Even when we were demanding cheesecake at 12 in the night and passing the coke bottle around. Not one of the three was delicate about food or thought the word diet. Which made everyone so comfortable. ))) Licking fingers politeness. Sprawling on beds and hitching up legs. No thought of looks or clothes. It was be yourself time.
You didn’t have to pretend to be anyone. There were no images of mother, wife, friend, professional, to be lived up to.
Oh we dug up the past and really raked through it. so often one of us had tears in her eyes, remembering some hurt. We hauled our parents over the coals. Look at what they did to us.
I thought it bad for the system to be remembering so much. And the continued feeling of hurt.
But now there is a delightful feeling of lightness, of discovering a great bond. It feels so so good. How wonderful it is to discover interesting women – who love you.

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