Saturday, September 1, 2007

Glam Weddings

In a wedding there seem to be so many things to remember and focus on. And what you focus on depends on you.
Some people focus on the guests – giving them the best food, as much attention as they can shower, little take home gifts and how people can worry that they didn’t receive any of these little things!
Some people can focus on the wedded couple and their immediate family and how glamorous they look and pose endlessly for photographs.
Some people delegate the jobs and keep themselves relatively unstressed. Others concentrate on all aspects and blow out their minds.
Some people want to put up a great show for other people and don’t mind the debt they run up. Their image has been suitably enhanced.
Some people want to keep as tight a rein on the expenses as possible cutting corners wherever possible which makes other people queasy. And gives everyone a great talking point.
Weddings are actually great talking points. And people who are conducting one disagree so much with others that have gone before. Theirs is going to be better. And pleasanter.

But in the end it doesn’t seem to be how about how much you spend. But how much you can satisfy other people’s egos. Whether groom’s family, your own family or the guests. Whether they all feel important enough.

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