Monday, September 3, 2007

cheeni kum

Jeevan me namak bhi nahi ya cheeni, tho kya karenge?
Watch cheeni kum.

Not bad, kitchdi hindi remains after 30 years. Must be the effect of going around in Hydrebad saying' yey kithnaa hai? in pronounced south indian text book hindi.
As Meena says, we have to say maii vs bleating me like a goat.

Watching cheeni kum alone is quite an experience. I can catch more of the conversation. I can appreciate lovely Tabu delighfully lit by Pc.sreeram. I can hum cheeni kum to the familiar tune in Mouna ragam. I can revel in the mature love story which has no lovey dovey stuff but the acerbic wit of Amitabh/the writer. I can take delight in them recognising each other and coming together so quickly with little hem hawing. I can appreciate her non-coy attitude.

I like the shades Amitabh turns when he battles with his father-in-law. Its nice to see this ordinary man who seems just Amitabh instead of the super hero who can turn the dice. I like the confdience and sureness of Tabu. She rags him about this age instead of bothering about the touchy male ego. And makes him run:-))

Its a very unreal movie except for the two lead characters. All the others are parodies, exaggerated to give them 'character' like the too adult 'Sexy'. A tad boring at times, especially the second half but can be forgiven easily.Because its so light.

To be happy make others happy says the book. But first make yourself happy with the little things.
With jyada cheeni

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