Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On Being Your Own Person

Jane Fonda:

With all your success, fame, money and everything else, the true test of you as a person is in your relationships.

I was 60 when i decided I had to be the person i really am with the man I love. I had to come out of being Jane Fonda and be that person. It took a lot of courage and it took two years; by the end of which I was alone.

Even I , have this desire to please. We have to break that. That we have to please the men around us.

At 50 or 60, people seem to be going away to be alone. But they are deciding on how they actually want to live their lives. Thinking this is how I want to live. And these are the things I should do ,so that I wont have regrets when I die.

One step is writing this blog. Where I am really trying to strip me.

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