Sunday, August 5, 2007

Rain, rain , rain, why do you stay with us so much?

Rain- a luxury of the rich? Like Cleanliness and morals

At least people who enjoy it dont seem to have to worry about clothes that never dry, going out in socks and shoes that are never quite dry, umbrellas that cant keep the rain from dripping down your neck, and walking through mud and puddles and avoiding those cars that will splash you. Not to talk about damp creeeping in through walls and water coming in under doors and the drip drip from somewhere falling into buckets and vessels. And learning the strategy of walking on a pavement and lifting your umbrella up just-in-time to avoid other people's.
Thank you God, I dont have to take a bus in this.

Yeah, rain is about hot pakodas and coffee and a cosy feeling and freshness and nice books and cosy blankets.Yeah, dont forget poetry.

Maybe when you live with Mummy or Wifey or just in a hot place where it rains 4 times a year. And go out by car.

Or maybe you are just happy whatever happens.

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