Friday, July 27, 2007

Pour time liberally over all that you do

Pour time liberally over all that you do.
That sounds wonderful and a recipe for unstressed, calm purposeful living.
It all also means cutting all the unecessary stuff out of your life.

I need to practise all three.

Watching people who do things to perfection, I realise that they do few things at a time. They dont let themselves be swayed by other people. Into doing things urgently. And do few things which they dont want to.

I didnt go to Mudumalai today for a number of reasons. And am only slowly letting go of the guilt. That it was pouring in the morning reinforced the sanity of my decision, but do I need something like that to tell me I did right?

Just being is enough. I dont have to be right or good or perfect or striving to be better or making the right decisions all the time.

It is enough if I am here at home , with these kids who keep me pulled down to earth.

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