Friday, July 27, 2007

I dont want another child in this house again waiting for her results. Its too taxing on me. The stress, the depression, the querying. Altho so far it has always been good; and to watch the child bloom and scream and shout and rings up dozens of people is wonderful. I can live without both.:-)
I dont want the risk of a howling child on my hands.

This is like people saying ' i dont want the old man/woman dying in my house.'sounds very callous. But its absolutely human and natural.

A director was saying on tv yday 'every man (person) has the same thoughts running through him. Some good and many many bad. Its just society and the image he has of himself and that people have of him that stops him from giving to those impulses. No man is exempt from such thoughts. Its just how much he gives in that differentiates people. '

And for men the biggest weakness is women! So he used that for the theme of his movie.

He was talking about how directors fix on the story and develop the germ of the idea crops up and then how they let it grow using various factors. For instance, he had Jothika there, so he had to use her in various ways and let the story grow that way.

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