Friday, July 20, 2007


Every living creature has taken up its form and has come into the world of objects for one great purpose, which is to gain an exhaustion of its existing mental impressions.

The bundle of vasanas with which an individual has arrived in this life in his incarnation is called his swadharma.

By not exhausting the old vasanas , one will be living under high -pressure when the existing tendencies are crowded up by the influx of new tendencies.

Chinmaya in his explanation of the Geetha says, this is why a boy born into a business family has unexplainable artistic tendencies.. they are a carry over from his previous birth. Denying his nature creates dissension and problems.

As a seeker who still has sensuous vasanas left in him, will feel dissatisfied if he goes into the forest and tries to lead the life of an ascetic and his mind is agitated by the pulls in both directions.

So should one give in to all the sensuous pulls; get over them and then move on to the new directions of this life? :-))
'lick the salt of the earth' is an expression used somewhere by someone. taste all the wordily pleasures and then getting tired of them, move on.

Coming back to Chinmaya - he says

Sin in Hindus ism is considered a mistake of the mind in which it acts contrary to its essential nature as the SELF.

So our inner feelings are us; the thoughts that spring up in the dark recesses are us; our basic instincts are us; what we feel and think.. is not wrong because it is us.

Only when we don't listen to all that is us are we sinning.
Listen to that little voice.

So are we being given a licence to go with our all impulses and not feel guilty?

Next he says:-(
Any act of sensuousness in which the mind pants forward into the world of objects, hoping to get thereby a joy and satisfaction, necessarily creates within its bosom more and more agitations; and this type of a mistake of the mind is called a sin.

so sin is again giving into worldly pleasures ? Or worldly pleasures which will agitate your mind.

so you can only do things which wont make you feel guilty?

our conditioning is what makes you feel guilty... its not necessarily wrong. A woman would feel guilty about doing certain things which a man wont..because that is what he has been taught to believe.
so, if you think its wrong, then its wrong.
Otherwise, its true to your basic nature and not a sin.

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