Sunday, July 29, 2007

Creedam -Utopian

Ultimate Star Ajith stars. Trisha too is in it but can hardly say she stars in it. Their romance is the major comedy track which is refreshing. Vivek too is around in his usual style but in a slightly negative role. Raj Kiran is the other major character in the movie. His voice is enough to keep one enthralled. He's now set in the caring, world on his shoulders role.

Saranya as mother is mix of earlier roles. Still sweet and very good on the eye. All the other characters come and go; even the villain hardly registers.

The story is the stand-up part of the movie. The theme revolves around the relationship between father and son. The perfect understanding and love that exist between them. The son falls in love, the father proposes marriage.
The father has a dream, the son follows through. Each is secure in the other's love.
Ajeeth being the hero is a tad more perfect than the father.

But, is such a relationship possible between two people? Even if it is blood related, do doubts never rise? is there never any doubt about the other's perfect understanding and never any ill-will?

Nice entertaining movie.

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