Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lessons from Living -I

This morning I realized two lessons about life:

1) I have done a lot of living and and now its time to listen to my body and take more care - recovery is much slower

2) I may be bursting with plans for the day but I can put them aside and do other things which are as gladdening - I just have to spend a little time and thought

Both are interconnected of course. Yesterday, I had done more cooking than usual because my brother in law turned up; started a new painting on one bit of wall and made some changes in the garden which involved shifting some pots.
I went to bed with the happiness that I would be doing all this and more today- the monthly shopping; some more sorting out of books and so on.

But this morning I found I could hardly use one arm and leg. Obviously, I had been doing things I shouldn't yday. And now I can't be doing things I should. So take-it-easy day .

unfinished business that can wait

Im adding a pic to give the idea of unfinished work that hangs over our heads when we can't do it but we can happily gloss over when we can do it.

As I was making idlies with the left hand - its really very clumsy; one should use it more often- I was thinking of the lesson its teaching me . And suddenly the idea came to me that I should ask other people too what lessons they've learnt.
so I started sending out sms' and got some replies which cheered me up immensely.
In the process the idlies got a bit overcooked but never mind.

The replies in the next post... But please whoever is reading this send in yours too.

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Swarna said...

I submit - I should listen to elders!