Sunday, July 19, 2009

They are here - Rain and Wind Gods

It's that time of the year.When we can never stop talking about the weather. Even though it is our favorite topic of discussion during most times; now it occupies a special place of importance.

I think its mostly due to the shock of the monsoon sweeping in after the glorious days of summer. We can't get quite used to being shoved off so abruptly from the top slot on the list of Places-to-Bask-in-During-this-Hot-Summer. And our smugness over living in beautiful Ooty gives place to 'Is this the right place to live in after all? - God, show us a little mercy. And throw some sunshine in. While you are at it, cut that wind a little.'

Just when we'd finally gathered the courage to discard our sweaters - only in April do Ootyites get that much courage - we are back to being bundled in two or three layers and socks. And battling gamely with damp shoes,umbrellas and drips down the neck while we make shopping trips to the market as short as possible.

view from my window

One way to battle the cold is to bring the flowers in.. they are all drooping anyway. These are my home grown gladioli... easiest to grow and most glamorous.
Bright spots in a cold world.



Your gladioli are lovely!

ayyo.... said...

"Wow//! Ooty looks so beautiful..! Rains battered Bombay badly this month!! (When it finally arrived!)
I was soo happy for not seeing the Sun for 10 days at a stretch..! :D :D

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

So, never mind the weather , for the time being as the flowers brighten your home:) I hear Ooty is a lovely cool place.

sandsofchange said...

Nothing like watching those raindrops falling... Nice pic :-)

kallu said...

Thanks for all those positive comments,everybody to keep the sunshine with in us.
Thanks Raji - i do love them.

-Ayappan, have you had your fill of rain now? :-)
-Ooty is a lovely place .Great idea to have a Sunshine group! You must be great person to have around
-Pradeep, its wonderful that people still have the time and inclination to watch the raindrops roll down