Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Things Don't Change :-)

Yesterday I was in Coimbatore, for what was hopefully, my last visit to the dentist for a long long time. To celebrate, I met up with a childhood friend who happened to be in town too and we went out together.
Promptly, at 8.p.m. she received a call from her mother asking, when are you coming home. My friend told her Mom, that we might be late as we were having dinner outside. A little disapproval there.
Then I called my father to tell him the same. He said, get back home fast.. don't be late.
We had to reflect that our kids were out somewhere till 10 p.m. but we had to be back home early. But things have changed a little in 25 years. Curfew seems to have moved from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. :-)

The crazier part is we couldn't even tell our respective parents where we'd been. Nothing illegal or 'bad' about it but just somewhere they wouldn't like. We thought it better that they didn't know about it.

What are our kids keeping from us??? Do i want to know??



Nice and astute one!

Raghu Menon said...

This one was interesting and true also. Born in somewhat an orthodox family in Kerala, even as a male, Iam used to these kinds of reactions from the family. So I can understand for a woman it will be more...

kallu said...

Raghu, that is interesting ..that even men can come under this kind of pressure from the family.

Thanks for visiting and signing up as a 'follower'. I was getting resigned to not having any :-)