Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ayappan reminds me that I haven't blogged for a long while. Thanks Ayappan, its nice to be missed.
To be away was both a conscious and unconscious decision.

At first the computer crashed; then it was the Net and now its power fluctuations. To get connected and more, to stay connected is a source of stress. On lucky days like today, it happens.

I thought maybe it was a period when I should detox from blogging and email and be more connected with the world around. And I have been doing that.

And it also got me to wonder what value I am adding to the world by recording my thoughts. It adds a certain value to my days ; some structure, some happiness. It also seems to add an unnecessary drive to certain activities just so that I could record them.

But Im sure I will be back here soon. Does introspection make one wiser? Not necessarily .

Thank everyone who calls out your faults, your anger, your impatience, your egotism -do this consciously- voluntarily.
Jean Tooman


Swarna said...

Why wonder at all, K?
You feel content ding it, a few are happy reading it. That's shared pleasure at its simplest.

Indrani said...

:) Have a happy disconnected but contented state!

ayyo.... said...

Yeah, be happy in the disconnected state. Rejuvenate and come back...

GVK said...

On your point about adding value to the world by recording your thoughts, here is something that might interest you. It has to do with the thoughts you choose to record - Blogger Thanay sent this link I wish to share with you -


Why does anyone write /blog at all? It all boils down to the human pleasure of sharing. I missed you here, Kalyani

Abraham Tharakan said...

The very fact that people miss your blog posts proves that you are adding value by recording your thoughts.

The problems of power supply and slow connection is something I have experienced often while staying at my ancestral home.

Gardenia said...

Kalyani, you manage to say a lot in very little. I love this line: 'It also seems to add an unnecessary drive to certain activities just so that I could record them.'
Yes, with me too! And it is great to detox from this world, as you put it!

kallu said...

HI Everybody. Thanks a lot for all those cheering words.
Im back home after some journeying and my head is bursting with words and thoughts. So I'm back back! Thanks so much for keeping me going.