Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rock On

Continuing my movie orgy (visiting daughters contribute to the number and choice), two I saw last week were so nostalgic:

Rock On: Rock On is about 4 ageing dudes who come together 10 years after they disbanded their band to play again. Of course the idea of youth revived and friendship and fun revisited is appealing to us ageing types. After the friends find each other and meet together for jamming sessions every evening, there is a sense of life singing through them which is so attractive. And seeing the pulsating band rock on stage is so nostalgic to anyone who grew up in the 70s listening to 'pop music' and watching the few exciting music movies that did come our way.
Otherwise one leaves with an overdose of Farhan Akhtar and a blank faced Arjun Ramphal. The first half is a bit of a drag but the movie perks up later. A feel good-feel while it lasts.

Subramaniapuram. This much talked about movie is good, very realistic and so much true to life.
Set in the 80's in Madurai; the protagonists are again a bunch of 4 young men, with no definite purpose in life and no job either. The shoulder length hair which they keep patting down, fuzz on their faces, bell bottoms, flowered shirts and their habit of cycling round and round strongly brought back my classmates at college to me. :-)
The movie deals with the exploitation of youth by crafty political locals who use them without any scruples. And the gullibility of youth who find an identity with such people. Their path for life is then defined by circumstances from which there is no going back.

The narration is focused and straightforward. Except for the very sweet romance (the song of the year is lauded by Raji) and the humor which pervades the story without being a separate track; the characters are not too fleshed out. So it is a little difficult to identify with the characters. And hence even the gore doesn't touch one too much.
But the effort to make a movie with conviction and no frills is truly commendable.


Maddy said...

saw the first movie which we liked, the second one is waiting to be seen.
saw dham dhoom which was pretty good except for the ending..


Kalyani, how nice that you are watching movies!...and mentioning my favourite song! I wrote to the music director James Vasanthan congratulating him, like some moonstruck teenager( would have written to the poetess Thamizhachi too, but did not have her address) and was happy when he replied.

kallu said...

Truly Raji???:-)))
I think its great you did it. It would mean more to him than coming from a dozen teenagers.
And we all want appreciation. Love it when we get it but not so quick to show it to others.
Its a lovely gesture that you took the trouble.