Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The NO.1 Ladies Detective Agency

Sometimes one comes across a book which is so charming and delightful that the spirit is so uplifted and life takes on a new zing. I for one tend to spin it out so that it lasts longer. But this time I have to speed read because the book is passing on.
The book happens to be …The NO.1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

I did read a review of the book here by Malathi who describes it much better.
But a book set in Africa never appealed. Africa seems associated in my mind with famine and plague and heat and generally a sense of defeatism, I guess due to the documentaries we get to see. So I really didn’t try to look for the book. But now that it has fallen into my lap, I am enthralled with it.

There is nothing heavy about the book although some of it deals with some deeper issues. There is such a calm acceptance of life and the good of all there is and love and deep understanding; it gives you second thoughts when you start cribbing about things in your life -is there anything really to crib about? There is a sensibility with which everyone sees to look at life – a very great acceptance and love of the country
There is charming whimsicality… the idea of a women detective..in Botswana..the only one of course, in the country.
I wish the Booker were given to books like this one .

Please do read it..

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Maddy said...

great books - very nice & easy reads..
had written about smith some months back