Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is a personal appeal.

We (meaning some friends and me) want to start free library for children here at Ooty, mainly for children from poorer sections who don't have access to books and are too intimidated to enter any library.

We've finally found one room in the middle of the town which serves the immediate purpose at a fairly reasonable rent. Next step is to get it off the ground.

So, a pledge has been created on a site to spread the word. Anyone who finds this idea interesting and worthwhile and wishes to help and can help in any way, please do sign up.

This pledge needs a lot of helping hands and hearts and they have to be found fast.

So have a look please:


Maddy said...

sure, i will be glad to help..

kallu said...

Thanks,Maddy- do you mind signign the pledge too?
Thanks Raji and Newton


You are doing a great thing here.

Maddy said...

i did that some days ago, but nothing else happened?

Maddy said...

right - this time around it worked..probably the email went to the spam box the first time.

Indrani said...

That is a great initiative, Kalyani.