Friday, October 17, 2008


This is a draft of a conversation I had on the phone with my father..

“Ask Dachu to read the Hindu everyday.. there are so many articles about the financial crisis now everyday.
After her training they may ask her who is Lehman bros..or about the bubble.”

I say testily “ the Hindu is for laypeople like us . She must be reading more in depth articles.”

“But still… ask her to read it.. She must know all these things. when she goes for promotion, they will ask her in the interview..”

And so the conversation went with both of us sticking to our viewpoints.

My father is past 80 and has the deep seated notion that he must instruct and guide and tell, whatever be the reactions on my part.

Im thinking that with my 48th birthday coming up next month, Ive had the same kind of interactions with him over the past 38 years maybe? I should have been past 10 when I had some opinions enough to oppose him.
An as far as I remember, opposition has never worked with him.

But why do I persist in the same grooves is what I have to ask myself and my sisters ask me too.

My sisters would say in this case, “seri pa.” And do exactly what they wish to.
Dachu would say “ Yes, I will read them', that or I ‘m reading them..” She might not reveal that she can’t get the Hindu there in Bombay.

What is this character quirk that refuses to be ironed out?


Devika said...

That's 'character' perhaps :-)


ayyo.... said...

Hahaha!!!! Great!
I too, am sometimes stubborn with my views.. and then realise the futility ... and say "Seri pa" !!

kallu said...

Devika:-) Trying to change little bits.

Ayyapan, you give me hope that I will realise what Im doing when its happening and change tracks.