Sunday, September 21, 2008


Saroja- Fun, light movie. Its not a movie you go home and think about. But neither is it boring. The young director, Venkat Prabhu has taken pains to present a thriller but with elements of comedy that prevent it from getting bogged down by darkness. And there is literally a lot darkness as most of the movie takes place one night - in a dark broken down factory.
There are a lot of promo efforts going on to fill empty theatres and I do hope they succeed. As Im sure Venkat is going to give us better movies as he goes on.

Raman Thediya Seethai. I thought being Cheran's movie, it would have a new theme, new outlook and different characters. The one flaw could be he is too serious and not entertaining enough. All expectations got fulfilled except that the movies is not Cheran's but is directed by K.P. Jagannath and produced by Moser Baer who are going to produce family -pics. This is all of one. You can see it with the whole family though it may hold only the older generation .

The theme is 'bride seeing'. How difficult it is when the groom has a 'flaw' or defect or drawback. It instantly puts off girls and the depressing effect it has on the boy.

Cheran is the protagonist but there are stories of other people too. Pasupathy as a blind, extremely self confident and self reliant Radio VJ makes a terrific impact. And newcomer Nithin Sathya as a thief with blarney. Pretty girls come and go. The photography is good and the backdrops, scenery very pleasing to the eye.

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