Monday, September 29, 2008

Food for Thought

There are somethings we do that we take for granted without really thinking is this truly necessary?

One being - the printing a souvenir to mark an occasion.

The latest one I'm involved with is a souvenir to mark the 150th year of our Nilgiri Library. I'm suitably low down on a sub sub committee with some tasks strictly outlined for me. Though my personal view is that the whole running of the Library is far too snooty (not for nothing do we have the epithet snooty Ooty) and it should be open to more people; still I have been doing what is asked of me in return for the strong base the Library has been in my life at Ooty.

This morning as I was interviewing the staff for an article for the souvenir, an elderly gentleman started asking me the point of the whole thing. (He did remind me of my Father with his pertinent, uncomfortable-making, difficult to answer questions).

He said all souvenirs end up in the basket. They only go to people who already know about the institution. Souvenirs are created to put in the photos of the existing committee and to blow up a few egos. Why don't we use the money to prop up the building which is disintegrating and to increase the salaries of the staff who are of course paid a non-living wage?

All very valid. Now, do i have the courage to put this across to the haloed committee?



Nice point.

I have looked at the innumerable ads in some souvenirs and wondered what they were doing there......

But a library has to be venerated and cherished and celebrated. So congratulations to the library of 'snooty Ooty' and may she provide more hours of reading pleasure to many.

kallu said...

The only problem Raji as I see it that it doesnt provide reading pleasure for may people. Its a wonderful collection but used by so few. That seems so pointless to me.

Swarna said...

That's the state of many libraries, most likely.
And you have a valid point about the value of 'printed' souvenirs.
Hope you did find the courage to get the haloed committee to think differently. Waiting to read about how they agreed, and what your plans are for the next landmark occasion. :)

kallu said...

Actually Swarna, I havent'. Everyone is so busy with holidays and kids and kolus.
But I have plans for a different kind of thing which I hope will materialise soon. Will tell you when that happens.