Friday, August 15, 2008

Star Struck

Only a mad woman would decide to put on a skit involving 20 excitable kids a week before the date in a language they are not too familiar with. Of course that mad woman is me.
But to my credit, I very quickly decided against a story from the freedom struggle. Since both the players and the audience don't understand English, it would be wasting everyone's time. But it had to be in English since I was conducting English classes for them.

So it became a medley of little vignettes- all connected together by a TV watching , channel surfing family. The news - both local and national; a dance show; a singing choir(tough- this one); sports and a comedy show.

A couple of friends whom I was consulting thought the ideas were sizzling.
The News show had little asides - like a leapord being caught and a new violet rose..
The dancers were to wear blue jeans and white shirts and rock to Venga boys and Stayin' alive. The choir had Do-re-me ( the only song both I and they could manage) word perfect. The sports channel was great- with a terrifically non-stop incomprehensible cricket commentary. The Olympic games had a few boys doing kuttikaranams (for acrobatics) ; tennis, 100m run and boxing. All backed by a angelic faced commentator whom I longed to whack .

Well, today..
The news readers forgot to bring their scripts and extempored a bit.. but the asides did their bits very well not bothering about the news being read.
The dancers had dressed in bright sarees for another dance and were to change but in the incomprehensible way of programs this one came first so they did their break dance in all their finery.
The choir got all the lines mixed up but of course no one really knew.
The sports and comedy show got a lot of cheering ..

So altogether, a fun show. and..all the kids came up to ask did I do?

If one reaches for the stars; then one does fall far short but its still worthwhile.
The Choir!!

The News- with the leapord crawling in at the wrong moment



Some of the actors..

In their natural state..



What a fun-filled experience. I am sure everyone would have enjoyed the show, despite what you consider the glitches.

As for the stars Kalyani, you have put them in the children's eyes.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Just a little comment on your Show. I wish I'd been there to see it.


Children standing in a row,
Putting on a little show,
Looking solemn and severe
Showing just a bit of fear.
All determined to succeed,
Showing they can all take heed,
Show in ways both dress and facial
Differences that are racial.
You show children standing there
In their saris with dark hair.
And I see that they are Asian,
Not from my Australian nation.

But, as soon as children giggle,
Give a good excited wiggle,
They could come from anywhere,
Any country, they don't care.
As soon as children 'fall about'
They're just KIDS there is no doubt.

Indrani said...

That was fun, clearly evident from the pictures too. You are involved in such nice activities. Great!