Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moot point

I was talking to a friend last evening and he was tending to go on about a topic which really got under my skin.
Is it better to tell him to stop talking about this topic and hurt him or let him go on and let myself be upset and stew about it the whole evening?


Maddy said...

i would recommend you do the former, but i end up doing the latter

kallu said...

We know what we should be doing mostly ......but? :)))
thanks to know its a common trait is comforting

Kat said...
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Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

well, i think it's better to gently change d topic to something more interesting. Or you could do this: "Shoot, i forgot. I have an important meeting at blah blah place...i'm so sorry. do u want to accompany me too?"
Then he'll say "it's ok, carry on."
U'll say: "I'm really sorry, gotto go!"

kallu said...

Thanks, Lakshmi. Good way to get off the topic and not hut the other person too. I must remember next time instead of floundering.

Swarna said...

What sage suggestions from Lakshmi!
Here's another - if you manage to get a word in edgeways, monopolise the conversation, but with the occasional "Don't you agree?" :)

kallu said...

Thanks Swarna. The problem is the topic going on is so upsetting, your mind doesnt , rather my mind doesn't detach enough to start on something new. Obviously will have to work on mind control :-)And conversation control :-))


Tough. Either you have to be plainly honest, or politically correct. Little Lakshmi has so much wisdom. A neat solution, by dodging the whole subject.

Another option could be - agree to disagree and move on.

Whatever, none of us is crude enough to hurt the other's feelings.