Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just Bloggin

After travel that involved train, auto plane bus and car Im glad to get home. And keep talking.In English.
Lakshmi, Im home to stay I Hope.

Far off Bhubaneswar was hit by rains that stopped all train traffic. If anyone has seen 'Anbe Sivam', it was all very reminiscent. Except that it stopped raining in Bhubaneswar a day later. Which left all parents unaware that trains were no longer running in that part of the country.

I was reluctant and rather guilt stricken about getting a plane out. I thought I should take the more adventurous slow bus-train route out. But tired after the events of the past month and wanting home and comfort. Sind said 'Ma, you have nothing to prove'. just take the plane'.

Am Im glad I did. It was a wonderful experience even with all the hours of hanging around in airports. Frequent fliers may be blase but to me, to see the land from above and just the flaps on the wing lift and retract and all the cloud formations was wonderful.

And Hyderabad airport is really something- right out of the movies.

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