Saturday, June 21, 2008


Post wedding, it was like I'd been trampled by a herd of elephants. You can read family instead of elephants. Family who came and stayed, took over events and formalities, did whatever they liked instead of what I liked and totally had a marvellous time.
All 25 of them who came and stayed in my Father's house instead of moving to the hotel rooms booked for them said they'd never felt so involved in a wedding before. And never enjoyed themselves so much.
My sis summed it up by saying' we all enjoyed ourselves. Its your problem if you didnt'.
Obviously I didnt. I felt like my hair was standing up on end most times. Obviously it wasnt. Most people said the food was excellent (v.impt),the decor was good ( impt) and the events well organised !!!
Backstage it hardly felt like that. I guess lots of hackles and egos get raised during a wedding and one has to just forget it all later.
Lots of rituals. Women really get the limelight and power in these times and that maybe is why everything lingers on.

Bride and Groom were so happy and beaming throughout that a few people did remark that their happiness was contagious.
Makes everything worthwhile.


Pradeep said...

More than anything such occasions are wonderful moments of togetherness. A time of reunion when threads once dropped are picked up again. Also, they recharge us.

kallu said...

They do??:-)))