Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bill Bryson

Flying into Australia, I realized with a sigh that I had forgotten again who their PM is. I am forever doing this with the Australian PM- committing the name to memory, forgetting it (generally more or less instantly), then feeling, terribly guilty. my thinking is that there ought to be one person outside Australia who knows.

Down under- Bryson on Australia is pithy, sharply observant, interesting and laced throughout with a wonderful sense of humor.

Bill Bryson is a travel writer par excellence and I recommend him wholeheartedly wherever you are planning to travel. Or even if you are not. Just for the pleasure of reading. You can open his book anywhere, leave it off and continue from somewhere else with no sense of loss.

He's one guy who's kept me afloat these past few months. Which I can't say Shantharam did. One more bestseller abandoned quarter way.

I bid adieu to the wonderful friends I have here for a couple of weeks. When I come back, it will be with one more role to the clutch womens' day articles insist I have.


Maddy said...

magnificient writer! hv almost all his books - 'down under' sounds new, I have 'sunburned country' - a recent acquisition, yet to read it!!

kallu said...

Keeps you sane and grounded, Maddy.
Sunburned country? Africa ?
Im waiting for his take on India.

Maddy said...

no it is 'bout australia - but i doubt if he will travel in India...not that type..