Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

We just wanted to see a movie.Anything - for a break from the routine of the past week.
We saw the poster for this movie, thought family type- can't be too bad even if Danush is in it. Rang a couple of friends, they were in the same state of ennui and with hardly any planning 5 of us were watching the movie.Maybe it was just being together after a long time; maybe it was low expectations, but we all enjoyed the movie.

Light wholesome comedy, a lighter story line, lots of dripping sentiment and a co-operative team which seems to have said- I have this idea, I've seen it,I want to insert this somewhere. And got it done. Danush seems to have wanted to try to better than his father-in-law in the same kind of scenes, such as the snake scene. Nayantara becomes a homely family girl again and looks glamorous even as hard career girl. Not sure what Karthik is doing here. except that his komanam scene is one of the best in the movie.

Absolute time pass.


Maddy said...

i think i have seen this - but they should stop udit narayan from singing in tamil (he has a few songs in this movie)- he brutally massacres every south indian that with sonu & shreya they do the diction so well..

Happy Kitten said...

Does Otty have more theatres now is the same old where they used to air the English movies?

kallu said...

Maddy, I really can't comment on diction of Udit N especially in this movie. When one watches a movie in an Ooty theatre - one is just grateful when the movie resumes after each break( there were about 6 this time) and with the catcalls and hooting going on,( I really think it added to the movie this time) one cant discern too much.

But i've seen U singing -on Tv and he seems to enjoy it so much- in a world of his own.

But can make out you are a connoisseur of music. A gift of life.

kallu said...

Kitten, Ooty does have about 6 theatres. Old style.
But 'Assembly Rooms 'where they still air English movies has been preserved and redone. It does have good acoustics and is generally old world but not falling apart. You might enjoy it when you visit here next time.