Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ammu aahia Naan

This movie still lingers in my mind even a month later. Maybe because of the photography , maybe because of the settings ,maybe because of the makeup , maybe because of the acting and maybe because of the story line which were all so good.

The characters are so different from people one meets generally in real life, that one can't quite accept the story. Would this be how a girl would feel in these circumstances?

Ammu is an orphan growing up in a brothel.Her emotional life evolves in stages.
In the first part, she gets initiated into the profession which she accepts happily and easily.
Then comes the idealistic hero - a writer who wants to rescue her, by marrying her. She refuses, saying she cant stay with one man. But the death of another inmate persuades her.
The third is her metamorphosis into a loving housewife although she doesn't really love him all that much when she marries him. His patience with her changes her behavior and feelings.

But the lover emerges strong.When there is a test. The depth of the love between them is enviable and beautiful.

But is it real? I really don't know. But a beautiful and path breaking movie.


Maddy said...

have to see this movie - i have a number of them waiting in the list - like evano oruvan, anjaathey etc

Happy Kitten said...

Dont know if you have read a novel called "Kitty".. the story is similar in some aspects. .

kallu said...

Yes Maddy, sometimes the list of good things in store stays a secret and private stash of happiness - just the anticipation. Add kalloori to it.

I might have gone overboard a bit describing ammu- just expect a different subject

kallu said...

Happy Kitten. No, I haven't. Will look out for it - who is the author?
Where do you get your name by the way? a similar source?:-)

Happy Kitten said...

I forgot the author...

the name is not because of that but because I have always loved kittens and cats.... had loads of them while growing up but now the same is not possible so I miss them a lot..

kallu said...

Nice way to think about something you love.