Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Notes to Myself

These are Notes to Myself ( or to anyone else who is venturing into the same rocky territory) for the next time I decide to paint house. Hopefully, many years away. Only, painting house is like having a baby. You forget the pain soon and do it again.

1. Practise meditation for a year before.So you become single minded and decisive.
You could then call up something like Asian paints ( or the local equivalent) and tell them, I want this colour here,and that shade there. Now how much? When will you start and when will you finish? Any overruns and wastage will have to be borne by you.

If you are going to stand on one leg and consider the colour the painter has just started on one wall with one eye closed and say 'Do I want this or a lighter shade or a different colour?' then be prepared to shorten your life and lengthen your interaction with the painter.

2. Be prepared to be a home-bird for the while.
Do not expect the painters to treat your furniture with care and consideration unless you fix your beady eye on them. And to close all paint tins when they are going home and put things like ladders away. They need occasional or frequent- depending on how much you think they can take - reminders.

3. Do not cover large stretches of wall with a dark colour.
Its rather overpowering. Use bright and dark colours on little bits of wall. Its alright to be adventurous. You will soon get used to any mistakes. But intersperse with pastels and whites.

4. Time and money will be stretched.
Be prepared for both. A little spirituality or philosophy helps here.

5. Keep the basic necessities and comforts of life where you can reach them always.
This includes toilet stuff, clothes, the murukku dappa ( this is more important than food) and TV( for your spouse).

6. Do not get perturbed by reactions from your spouse.
He may choose to act like Inspector Clouseau at night insisting that a rat has got into the house because you left the doors open all day long while you may serenely believe the rustling is due to papers blowing in the wind. You will be so tired that you can sleep through anything anyway.

7. Do not expect any support from the family.
They may offer opinions , strong ones after the painting has been done but will offer very few before. Just go with your instincts. Do not expect bouquets either. That is really expecting too much.

8. Do a little project of your own while you are housebound.

A mural on one large wall is a good idea with the colours being used in the house. It keeps you occupied pleasantly, you are not breathing down the painter's back, you can take a break looking around at things and you don't have to be particularly good at painting to do this. After all many village women are doing it.

9. Practise yoga for a few months to follow 8.
Otherwise you will end up with aches all over.

10. Take it Easy.
Check under the washbasins, door and window edges, meter box, inside cupboards - these are the forgotten areas that I've detected.
The colors, the finishes , the bits they have left undone and gone away -nothing really matters after a while.

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