Monday, March 3, 2008

Crisp Newness

The painting inside the house is done. The house is slowly, very slowly moving back to orderliness. My life, is unfortunately still functioning on a different note from the leisurely do-nothing-unpleasant it has been holding for some time.

I feel rather uneasy in the house.Everything is crisp and clean and strange. I hesitate to put grubby hands even on a light switch. I can't be casual.It's like living in someone else's house. Exciting but formal.

At first the empty rooms looked wonderful. Then they got a bit filled with our not-so-smart furniture, and looked less like an ad for good living. Then came all the little things we need for comfort but aren't so good looking like the room heater on an old stool, the scattered clothes and books and stuff that is yet to find a place. Its fast becoming a bunch of rooms called home.

We are determined to throw out lots of stuff. But whose?
My husband thinks the fiction should go out first, I feel his piles of medical journals can go. I found a carton of farewell gifts to my kids from their school days. Since they have never looked at them on subsequents trips home, do they actually hold any sentimental value?
We have decided to let go of 10 years worth of Reader's Digest. But to the old newspaper guy? That is difficult. To some soul who will treasure them seems ideal but a vain hope.



Been there, done that - last year. Threw away about one square inch of stuff, which I reluctantly had to classify as junk. After a year, the newness has worn off, but I still get agitated when someone leans his greasy head against my peach coloured walls, or when the maid needs to balance herself agains the wall with one hand while the other wields the broom.

Indrani Ghose said...

How true! I too am grappling with a similar situation, not the painting part I mean the junk part. Sometimes can't figure out what is a junk.
Those RDs, what did you do finally?

kallu said...

Raji, Yes the urge to shout at everyone and say' keep off the wall' is very strong. Hopefully it will wear of soon:-)) But, you say, not for a while :-(

Indrani, not to sound too preachy but this clutter stuff has been on my mind for some time.So writing a whole new post about it.