Monday, February 25, 2008


My pride and Joy.

Tulips all the way from Holland via a sweet cousin in England who smuggled the bulbs in.


Indrani Ghose said...

Is there any way I can smuggle these Tulip bulbs from Ooty? Just joking. You are lucky to have them.

Thanks for the comments at my site.

kallu said...

Sure, the bulbs should hopefully propagate once the flowering is over. I can definitely send you a few provided you live in a place with a freezing climate :-)) I believe they flourish in Delhi. Do note the frost in the fields behind the flower pots.
But I'm definitely willing to send some to a few people. Provided they pass them on the next year to someone else. Lets spread the good cheer.
Yes, Indrani, all told I'm very lucky.

Maddy said...

ah - there was a time when a single tulip bulb was sold in turkey for a 100 thousand dollars..BTW did you know that the Tulips have their origin in Turkey, not Holland? The tulip mania story is fantastic..check it out...

Maddy said...

kallu said...

Thanks, Maddy. Really interesting - there is/was something called tulip mania.And a tulip stock market!

Think will change my mind about handing out free bulbs:-)) The idea was from your post on the ingi girl who said she would send curd to the first person.

Always thought Turkey had a hot climate like the mid-east. My facts about tulips or about Turkey must be wrong.
BTW, where do Turkey towels come from? :-)

Maddy said...

Turkey is one of those countries which has all the four seasons distinctly separated. we had snow and real winter between nov and march!!check out my turkey section for more on turkey!!

Turkish Towels came into existence as a branch of velvet weaving at the beginning of the 18th century in Bursa, which is one of the most important textile centers of Turkey today. At first, the towels used to be woven on handlooms. The most favorite ones were those that were weaved on ‘Black Handlooms’ that produced just 4 or 5 towels a day!!

kallu said...

Coincidentally saw a bit of Turkey in a movie yday- Guru. Doesnt look like mid- eat at all. But I guess it was sanitized. Reading more on your posts.

Thanks. I thought maybe those towels weren't from Turkey after all. Now I know.

Haven't been able to download that Joan Baez song so far.