Monday, February 25, 2008

Special Lunch !


The clamor to be on camera!

Feeding his younger brother

The Hams- posing for a special shot

At our local Municipal village school - a lunch in memory of Amma - something she would have approved of.

Talking to the HM : she says the govt now supplies rice and 3 eggs per child every week. Plus 44p. per child is handed over to buy other provisions, firewood etc.
The daily menu is sambar which contains some vegetable and rice. And eggs on alternate days. The kids get bored with the menu.

But, its not the midday meal alone that draws children to school any more. Now, parents are more aware and want to send their kids to school to study - the midday meal is a help. They prefer English medium schools if they can afford it.

The CSI make it very affordable. Each child gets a 'sponsor'. And is given 3 meals a day plus books and uniforms and lots of other things including blankets. The number of children in their schools keeps increasing while the Govt schools lose out.

The number of converts to Christianity is rising exponentially in the Nilgiris. Why not, when you get 1 lakh to fill your empty belly and help up the ladder of life.
And a group in which you are constantly monitored and chided and helped.

If you are a Hindu, any God is okay. As long as you find the path to salvation.

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