Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sculptress by Minette Walters

It took this book for me to realize that Im still a whodunit fan. I couldn’t let go of the story. And Minette Walters, British, is a good writer. That’s a nice change from the whole lot of Americans I’ve been reading. The book says Edgar Award Winner. That could mean the author or this particular book- still it’s a good guide for the die-hard whodunit fan.

There’s one conversation in the book, between a Nun and the heroine, Roz that lingers. About Beauty not being skin deep.

Plato said ‘Outer beauty reflects inner beauty’. Which has been refuted by a great many thinkers. Courtesty- BJ Krishnan.

Minette Walters, through her nun says : beauty, like wealth is a moral asset. the wealthy can afford to be law abiding, generous and kind. The very poor cannot. even kindness is a struggle when you don’t know where your next penny is coming from.

Poverty is only uplifting when you can choose it.

Beauty cushions you against the negative emotions that loneliness and rejection inspire. Beautiful people are prized- they always have been. So they have less reason to be jealous, less reason to be jealous, less reason to covet what they can’t have. They often could be the cause of all those emotions, rarely the instigators of them.

I’m trying to think of the beautiful people I know. Im not sure. They seem to be torn by the same negative emotions as other people. Although people are much nicer to them.

But it does seem to be easier to be virtuous when you are wealthy.

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