Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ocean's Eleven

Probably anyone reading this would think 'where has she been?' but I thought Ocean's Eleven had something to do with a ship on an ocean. All I knew was there were lot of big names in it; and Julia Roberts.And there was a lot of hype.

It is a charming movie, James Bond style. Lots of macho style precision with laser beams, vaults, gaming tables, punch lines, cool guys who dont flap,even a cyclotron type of machine.

The heist is of course the strong point of the movie with lots of suprises turning up when you are expecting the usual. It kept me glued resulting in a couple of burnt pans and a rather disgruntled husband since he likes his wife to keep her attention on his dinner instead of rushing off between dosais to see what's happening next.

Julia Roberts is hardly there except to look fabulous and to provide a story point.

Would a husband exchange his wife for millions of dollars or rupees? I think he would. If it were Julia Roberts? :-))

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