Friday, November 23, 2007

Cough, Cold and fever

Vipasana is a sort of yoga practice when you isolate yourself mentally from the world for 10 days. You don’t speak, read, write or do anything. You are alone with yourself and your thoughts.

Well, it’s been a vipasana like existence for me for the past few days.

A hoarse throat should have warned me to keep quiet. Over the past week, I had a different engagement everyday with different people. I blithely poured out my croaky voice and thoughts on a lot of friends, who being friends, didn’t seem to mind. Or put up with it gamely. I was game too, eating everything laid out especially the icecream, of which I get very little back home.

Retribution did strike and hard.

Nose and eyes that didn’t stop watering, a cough right out from the movies had me staggering around clutching wash basin and stomach alternately. Not to mention a voice that wouldn’t come out.

Sadly, it really doesn’t have to was what I discovered.

If people called, they rang off in a couple of minutes, saying I‘ll call you later very cheerfully instead of commiserating deeply with my woes.
My husband didn’t really seem to mind me not talking to him at all. In a strange way, he seemed relieved not to have to listen to my insightful comments on life while he read whatever he read. When I said complainingly ‘why don’t you listen, my throat hurts when I have to repeat it’, he said ‘why say it at all? ‘ Very Buddha istic.
My maid was glad she could get on with her chores without instructions or comments.
My kids roared with laughter, saying ‘ma, icecream at your age!’ ‘Okay, what are you doing?’ was what they asked; not seeming to understand that here I was prostrated by this deadly germ.

Thank God for the internet, so I can sound off on my own without sound bytes.

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